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Better Communication with Real-Time Data Visualization

Peakboard visualizes complex data and processes quickly, easily and in real time – For better communication in production, logistics and administration.

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About Peakboard

Smart Data Visualization

Peakboard is the innovative solution in the market to visualize data and processes from different sources simultaneously, simply, clearly and in real time on displays. The all-in-one solution, consisting of software and hardware, equips individual industrial workstations or entire areas with their own logic and intelligence.

Peakboard offers a solution for a wide range of application cases and source systems.

Peakboard is extremely secure and communicates only with the interfaces you define.

Peakboard pulls and processes the data directly from the network and is therefore completely self-sufficient.

Peakboard accesses cloud services or your own network.

Peakboard provides interactive elements that allow you to control your visualization.

Peakboard reads the data and can write the processed data back to different systems.

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