Nintex Workflow in SharePoint On-Premises

Software solution for modelling and generating workflows

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is the business workflow automation solution for SharePoint On-Premises. In the Nintex Workflow Designer, it is possible to easily create business workflows for SharePoint sites or custom lists. Workflow building is made possible by a multitude of workflow actions.

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Accessing SAP data

With ERPConnect Services, SAP data can be accessed within a Nintex workflow using the following methods:

The Custom Actions are included in an ERPConnect Services license and are installed on the SharePoint server with a separate installer. After the installation, the Custom Actions are available in the Nintex Workflow Designer and can added easily to the workflow via drag & drop. The Call SAP Function Custom Action enables you to call any remote-enabled SAP function module or BAPI for read/write access to SAP.

  • SAP Tables and Views
  • SAP Queries
  • SAP BW InfoCubes and BEx Queries and
  • SAP Function modules (to read and write data)

Using web services that are created with the WebService Designer without programming based on SAP and integrate these web services in Nintex Workflow.

Using External Lists that are created with the BCS Connector without programming based on SAP. You can access these External Lists with the Nintex standard actions Query List, Create Item, Update Item and Delete Item.

It depends on the individual scenario which option would fit best, there is no right way. Examples for each method are documented in our OnlineHelp. Some application examples are delivered as templates and can be directly implemented and configured to your individual requirements.