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Build a bridge by using ECS Core between SAP and your cloud environments without programming.

SAP und SharePoint nahtlos verbinden

Office 365, Microsoft Flow & Logic Apps – Integration with SAP business processes

SAP interface for Office 365, Microsoft Flow & Azure Logic Apps

With ECS-Core, SAP business processes can be easily integrated into Office 365, Microsoft Flow or the Azure Logic Apps without programming effort. For Microsoft Flow and the Azure Logic Apps this makes it possible to support user-defined connectors. With this method, Web service-based integration scenarios can be easily imported and used.

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Office 365, Microsoft Flow & Logic Apps – Integration with SAP business processes

Making SAP data usable across various systems

ECS Core

ECS Core functions entirely without programming. A web service interface ensures SAP connectivity.

The connector is compatible with cloud environments as well as other autonomous company portals – regardless of if they are cloud-based or not. Platform-independent, standalone applications for deployment in the cloud can be created just as easily as sophisticated SAP applications for cloud environments. Predefined integration scenarios, e.g. for sales, procurement, quality management and HR, ensure a speedy deployment.

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ECS Core

Unleash the power of your SAP data

How it works

ECS Core brings SAP data and processes to your cloud applications. Common scenarios include applications that are used to display and update SAP data, or the automation of repetitive data entry tasks for SAP transactions. For end users, this means they can work and stay in their familiar environment. This can include Office 365, SharePoint Online, or custom applications. SAP data becomes available to the user when and where it matters, without the need to task switch, or deal with data lookups, additional logons, copy/paste or other data transfer operations.

Cloud solution architects and developers can use familiar practices to develop form UIs or workflows for more efficient business processes. This may involve technologies like the Microsoft Power Platform, or other cloud workflow solutions (e.g. Nintex, K2). With the WebService Designer tool provided with ECS Core, SAP table data, functions and transactions are exposed as REST services which can be consumed by most cloud applications. This can be done without any coding. Moreover, with built-in support for OpenAPI, it is possible to create custom connectors for specific scenarios.

ECS Core comes with pre-defined Business Content for common use cases. This is a growing list of templates that will get you started quickly in the areas of Purchasing, Sales, Finance and many more.

ECS Core works entirely without programming. A web service interface encapsulates SAP data and functionality.

The product is compatible with common cloud environments as well as other client applications. Platform-independent, standalone applications can be created just as easily as sophisticated, SAP-integrated scenarios. Predefined solution templates, e.g. for sales, procurement, master data management, or HR, will get you started quickly.

Make it easy
ECS Designer Integration Visual Studio

Instead of simply using your SAP data in SharePoint Online, do you also want to use it in the SharePoint world On-Premises?

With various integration options, ERPConnect Services guarantees super-fast interaction between SharePoint On-Premises and SAP.

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Integrate SAP business processes easily and without any programming

The main features of ECS Core & Office 365, Microsoft Flow & Logic Apps
Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps offer all possibilities and advantages of a cloud-based workflow engine:
  • Integration with a variety of cloud platforms
  • Complex business and approval processes can be realized
  • Customizable to the needs of the company
  • Easy deployment for mobile devices

SAP data and processes can be easily integrated with Microsoft Flow and the Azure Logic Apps via the standardized REST interface. This is made possible by the generation of OpenApi (formerly “Swagger”) definitions for REST services, with which user-defined SAP connectors can be created and integrated.

In SharePoint Online there are further SAP integration scenarios possible, independent from Microsoft Flow and the Azure Logic Apps. Examples of usage are available on our demo portal with our business integration apps.

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Functional SAP interfaces

Your advantages with ECS Core
  • Build on SAP-certified technology and proven SAP integration knowledge*

  • Bring any type of SAP data into the cloud – in real time

  • Eliminate complicated SAP usability and reduce your costs significantly, by providing intuitive interaction between users and SAP

  • Integrate your SAP data and processes without having to develop or configure anything in the SAP system

  • Create innovative and modern solutions by integrating your SAP business processes with new applications and technologies (e.g. bots, digital voice assistants, cloud, mobile and workflow solutions, collaboration platforms)

  • Connect easily and directly to cloud solutions such as Microsoft Flow, Azure Logic Apps and Nintex Workflow Cloud

  • Build on SAP-certified technology and proven SAP integration knowledge

  • Cost savings through optimal integration, no friction losses

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.

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